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Naphazoline, Hydrocortisone

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Efcorlin Nasal Drops (Hydrocortisone/Naphazoline) combines a decongestive agent and a corticosteroid, so as to unblock the nose and reduce swelling in the nasal passages.

Brand Name : Efcorlin
Active Ingredients : Naphazoline, Hydrocortisone
Manufacturer : GlaxoSmithKline
Country of Origin : India
Intended Patient : Unisex
Efcorlin Nasal Drops (Hydrocortisone/Naphazoline) - 0.02%/0.025% (10mL) Efcorlin Nasal Drops (Hydrocortisone/Naphazoline)
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Efcorlin Nasal Drops (Hydrocortisone/Naphazoline) combines a decongestive agent and a corticosteroid, so as to unblock the nose and reduce swelling in the nasal passages. Conditions for which it is commonly used include hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), perennial allergic rhinitis (year round nasal irritation), vasomotor rhinitis and the congestion in the nose that these conditions cause.

Naphazoline is a vasoconstrictive agent which causes the blood vessels to become narrower, which results in a rapid reduction in inflammation when it is applied topically to the mucus membrane. Although it is more commonly used in eye drops, a medical study found that it could cause decongestion of the septal mucosa in the nose. As a result of this, it has become popular for the treatment of congestion, due to its ability to shrink the nasal membrane, allowing the patient to breathe easier.

In addition to working for allergies, it is also effective for a blocked nose caused by the common cold. The other ingredient (hydrocortisone) is a corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory action. It is a common ingredient in many nasal sprays used for rhinitis, because of its ability to affect mediators of inflammation and the release of inflammatory substances. By combining these two ingredients, the decongestive benefits of this nasal spray are boosted, allowing it to effectively relieve a blocked nose.

Dosage and Administration

Efcorlin Nasal Drops (Hydrocortisone/Naphazoline) are instilled directly into the nose, so that they can go to work on the nasal membrane. Adults are generally told by their physician to administer 2 to 3 drops (into both nostrils) 2 to 3 times per day. Slight variations in the frequency of administration may occur from patient to patient, depending on individual factors. The duration of treatment will need to be decided by the physician, and factors to be considered will be the clinical response and occurrence of side effects. Excess administration will not lead to faster or increased decongestion, but could trigger side effects. Therefore, you must never exceed the dosage that your physician determines for you.

Side effects

Use of Efcorlin Nasal Drops (Hydrocortisone/Naphazoline) to relive nasal congestion from allergies, colds or other conditions could lead to some side effects, including:

  • Crusting
  • Sneezing
  • Mild irritation
  • Dryness inside the nose
  • Mucus discharge from the nose

Patients should note that it is essential to inform their physician of all side effects that occur, including mild reactions. If you notice severe nasal irritation, side effects affecting the eyes or elsewhere in the body, eyesight impairment or any other side effects that have not been referenced in this paragraph.


Efcorlin Nasal Drops (Hydrocortisone/Naphazoline) are only indicated for nasal use. Do not apply them to the eyes or elsewhere in the body. If accidental oral ingestion occurs, seek emergency medical care straight away.

These drops could trigger rhinitis medicamentosa if used for an extended period of time. Ask your physician about this before beginning treatment.

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