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Rhinocort Aqua Spray (Budesonide) is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid hormone which works inside the nose to relieve the nasal inflammation responsible for allergic rhinitis (either perennial or seasonal) symptoms.

Brand Name : Rhinocort
Active Ingredients : Budesonide
Manufacturer : AstraZeneca
Country of Origin : India
Intended Patient : Unisex
Rhinocort Aqua Spray (Budesonide) - 1.28mg (200 Doses) Rhinocort Aqua Spray (Budesonide) - 1.28mg (200 Doses)
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Rhinocort Aqua Spray (Budesonide) is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid hormone which works inside the nose to relieve the nasal inflammation responsible for allergic rhinitis (either perennial or seasonal) symptoms. Medical trials have shown that it could substantially reduce nasal symptoms such as congestion, itchiness and sneezing. SAR (seasonal allergic rhinitis or hay fever) occurs when the passages inside the nose come into contact with irritant particles (called allergens). Pollen is one of these allergens, and during the pollen season, patients who are sensitive to it may often inhale it when outdoors.

This triggers a reaction by the body`s natural defenses in which chemicals that mediate the inflammatory response in the nose are released. Resulting from this, the chemicals released inside the membranes of the nose cause it to become swollen and inflamed, and the patient may exhibit symptoms such as a blocked nose, discomfort in the sinus and post nasal drainage. Often, these can have a bothersome impact on the quality of life, affecting work, sleep and socializing. It has even been suggested that allergic rhinitis could cause patients to become tired and moody.

When this spray is delivered into the nose, it acts on the nasal membrane and glucocorticoid receptor. By blocking and inhibiting the mast cells and chemicals that the immune system uses to mediate the inflammatory response, it can help to prevent swelling. This unblocks the nasal passages, and helps to relieve the discomfort caused by allergic or non-allergic rhinitis. Patients have also used it for nasal polyps (growths which occur in the sinuses or nasal passages). It works by reducing inflammation so as to cause a gradual reduction in the size of the polyps.

Dosage and Administration

Rhinocort Aqua Spray (Budesonide) is provided in a bottle which has a special nozzle attached, so as to allow the easy administration into the nose. There is 10ml of the solution in total, which means that each bottle contains sufficient medication so as to provide 200 metered doses. Patients will need to seek the advice of their physician before beginning treatment as the dosage must be individualized to suit the patient`s unique requirements. In some cases, adults treating rhinitis will be told to begin with 256mcg per day, administered as 2 sprays into each nostril, every morning (each spray contains 64mcg).

However, in some cases, the physician may decide to administer a single 64mcg dosage. As an alternative to this, the patient may be instructed to administer one 64mcg spray into each nostril twice per day (in the morning and evening). It is worth noting that a few days of use will be needed before the full benefits are achieved. Patients are normally told to start using it prior to allergy season, and in some cases treatment may need to continue for as long as 3 months. The actual amount your physician tells you to use may differ from the examples listed here.

Side effects

Intranasal application of Rhinocort Aqua Spray (Budesonide) may cause patients to experience some side effects, and some of these will be serious, whereas others may be mild. Some of the most common reactions are listed here:

  • Mild wheezing
  • Spinning sensation
  • Superficial nosebleeds
  • Dry feeling inside the nose
  • Discomfort in the nasal passage

Your physician will wish to remain informed of your health status, and you will be required to report all side effects. Additional reactions not referenced in this paragraph may occur. Some of these could be serious, and you must attend the emergency room or consult your physician at once if you notice persistent and heavy nosebleeding, adrenal sufficiency, a fungal infection occurring in the nasal passage, the slowed down healing of wounds, ocular problems or any other serious side effects.


Rhinocort Aqua Spray (Budesonide) might weaken the immune system in some patients. This means that your body`s natural defenses will be less effective against infections. People who are recovering from a sinus infection or nasal surgery may be told by their physician not to use this spray.

If you notice that your vision has decreased or changed, consult your physician straight away. This is because corticosteroid medicine can caused various conditions that affect the eye, including cataracts or glaucoma, and these disorders have the potential to be serious.

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